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Gary Libman
1120 Madre Vista Rd.
Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 296-2629 Voice
(626) 296-2630 Fax

Gary Libman

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Do you want to write better …
  • essays, term papers, or senior-year research papers?
  • stories for your student newspaper?
  • and learn about brevity, organization, transitions, clarity, and supporting your argument?
Contact Gary Libman, the rare writing tutor who
  • has also been a published writer for decades, and
  • will tutor at your home or meet with you in a library or coffee shop.
Telephone: 626-296-2629


  • One person: $75 per hour (60 minutes)
  • Two people: $120 per hour (60 minutes)
Experience Highlights
  • Former reporter, Los Angeles Times, 12 years
  • Former executive sports editor, Minneapolis Tribune, 7 years
Advisor for Student Newspapers
  • Currently, Whittier College student newspaper, 25 years
  • California Institute of Technology student newspaper, 3 years
  • Whitney High School student newspaper, Cerritos, CA, 14 years
Freelance Writing
  • Six children's books
  • Stories for New York Times, Washington Post, Family Circle magazine